We are heading towards the end of the year and many organizations in Calgary are already busy planning for their celebrations to take a break from their operations in style. Calgary corporate DJ services are now in greater demand more than ever taking into consideration the Christmas parties and New Years Celebrations.

You might think that these celebrations are a waste of time and company’s resources, but in reality, they are a worthwhile investment. For a company with a long-standing tradition of holding Corporate parties, skipping this celebration can lead to discontent among the employees. Workers can feel shortchanged and unappreciated.

Every organization should make an effort to ensure that its employees are happy, catered to and given no reason to want to ditch the company. If for any reason you are considering not having an office party this time around, you better think about the impact that this might have on your employees’ morale. If you are not thinking about hiring the services of a Calgary event DJ, to entertain your staff, before they bid this year goodbye, then you are obliviously doing more harm than good to your company.

Things may not have gone so smoothly for you this year, and maybe because of this, you don’t feel enthusiastic about office celebrations this season. That is perfectly understandable; but have you thought about these tirelessly working individuals who have been toiling all along with you ever since the beginning of the year? Because obviously, it’s not due to some lazy employee that you didn’t meet your target, the disappointment is probably as a result of certain external forces that are beyond anyone’s control, for instance the global economic crisis or the state of Calgary’s economy. So, don’t you think these people deserve some little token of appreciation, so they can go home feeling excited, motivated and looking forward to next year?

If you really want your company to grow, make sure you appreciate your employees’ efforts and express how valuable they are. Show these hardworking individuals that even though you may not have achieved your short-term goals, you still appreciate their valuable input and sacrifices they have made for your company. Let them know that you perfectly understand that sometimes goals are unaccomplished not because of anybody’s fault but due to certain unavoidable circumstances.

Throwing a nice end year office party will help your workers to unwind and release their pressures. In this way, they will be able to come back with fresh energy which will be essential to your company’s success.

Even though big office parties can be expensive, it goes without saying there are certain ways in which you can throw a corporate party without having to break the bank. The following tips will help you save money when it comes to end year office celebrations.

1. Do Not Overbuy Food

Generally, most people over-order food when planning any kind of a party. While it’s okay to want to make sure there is enough food for everyone, it is improper to purchase too much. Otherwise, you will waste so much money that could be channeled towards growing your business. A good rule of thumb is to try setting a food budget estimate and then reducing it by ten percent.  This will generally buy enough food for the occasion and save you so much money in the long run.

2. Opt for Mini-Desserts Rather than Full Servings

Generally, most guests take two bites of dessert and the rest goes to waste. To avoid this costly wastage, you can set up a dessert station with small portions as well as smaller quantities, where your employees can help themselves to bite-size portions only of what they like.

3. Avoid Fruits and Vegetables that Are Not In Season

In Calgary, fruits like mangoes as well as vegetables such as asparagus are often more expensive around the winter holidays simply because they are out of season during that time. Instead, you should opt for readily available alternatives such as apples and cabbage respectively. These are cheaper.

4. Use Lighting Rather Than Rental Linens and Other Similar Items

Why spend money on rental linens and costly centerpieces when you can simply select a venue which already features these stylish elements? In as much as holiday decor elements can really get you in the festive mood, venue lighting can do wonders on a restricted budget. Just make sure to work closely with the venue experts and Sounds Unlimited on brilliant ways in which they can make use of lighting in the room to enhance the holiday atmosphere.

5. Create a Solid, Realistic Budget and Stick to it!

Even though almost everybody talks about budget in corporate event planning, the details of most of these budgets can be rather unrealistic. Knowing the amount of money you have to spend is one thing, budgeting your expenditure is quite another. Start with a clearly defined budget, which benchmarks every expenditure category that you’ll incur. Before spending cash, make sure to allocate funds for each category based on your goals as well as needs. Be sure to update the budget every time you spend cash in a category. This will help you avoid overspending and keep your overall accounting in order.

Appreciate Your Employees!

Statistics show that employees leave their jobs mainly not because of anything else but due to lack of appreciation! It’s vital for organizations to create a workplace where staff feels it is recognized, appreciated and its voice is heard. Appreciation is not only a necessity for employees; it’s a fundamental human need. After all, who doesn’t want to be appreciated and valued?

Besides a pay rise and promotion, end year office parties and Christmas parties are a great way to appreciate your employees and show them that you value their input to your company.

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